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I love this fiber festival so very much. Held each February for many years, I’ve been allowed to participate for 4 years in differing roles. Sometimes I’m a consumer, a student and now a volunteer. I have a badge with the much coveted (by me at least) Angel designation at the bottom. It’s a step forward for the people that run Madrona in their trust levels of me. It’s also a step forward into a world 5 years ago, I only hoped to explore a little more deeply.

Jen is here with me. We are evenly yoked in the ways that matter and grown ups about the ones that don’t. She is a wonderful, trusted friend and traveler. I don’t know what I did before she was in my life.

Marc is on the other side of the continent, we are also evenly yoked in the ways that matter and grown ups about the others. He is incredibly supportive of my nearly gravitational strength pull into this world. I am thankful not to have to think about what I did before he came into my life. He is the bedrock to my castle made of sand and I love him to bits. We’ve talked each morning and it gets me off on the right foot, so to speak, each day.

Now I’m going to get into the shower at the decadent hour of 8:15 which is normally reserved for holidays and weekends. May the wool be with you.