My weekends are often very busy so when I get one that isn’t, it’s a miracle. Or it feels miraculous. I’m not entirely clear on which one and I don’t suppose it matters much at all. I do know that they are incredibly healing for me. I sleep as much as I want. I get to the gym. My shoulders come to a normal range as I pursue some of my hobbies. Just me and the dog makes the house quiet.

This is especially good after I’ve taken my dog and pony show on the road for a week. I train several people on software and do lunches and smile pretty and joke endlessly. I’m on display for 2-3 days with no downtime except at night. I really look forward to the post work vegitude in my room with no one to nay say my tube choices. Sometimes that is all I can manage. I will say I never choose reality tv despite it being the guilty pleasure for some. It makes me crazy to see people behave that way. I’ll get off my reality tv soap box now.

My free weekends are in the shape of an arc metaphorically speaking. Beginning with Friday night where my energy is typically low, I might do some light cleaning and laundry to avoid having my entire Saturday morning buried under a load of chores. The point of this is to get in as much free time activity as possible. Knitting, spinning and weaving are tops. Cooking comes in a distant fourth these days owing mostly to no one being in the house but me. Last night I went to the gym, knitted a little, worked on the grand nephew warp some and then made a nice dinner for myself. The last due in large part to chicken already being purchased and needing only a defrosting, and to the lack of home cooked meals in the previous 4 days. I’m not a picky eater, but I do eat a lot of fruits and veggies which is different than most on the road meals.

Today I will head out to yoga as I promised myself I’d do last month. It will be the terminus of the arc I’ve made this weekend from low energy to recovered energy to sadness that the weekend respite is over and I must adjust to the demands of my work schedule. No brakes until Christmas.

There is the odd and wonderful feeling that comes at the height of the weekend between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Almost a feeling of weightlessness. My spirits are lifted. I’m usually humming to myself and nothing feels like a crushing bore or weight. A heat pack for my shoulders isn’t required clothing. I feel much like a flower whose stem has been trimmed and placed into a glass of water. Revived, head up to face the sun.

May we all take the time to trim our stems and jump into a fresh bit of water through out the next three weeks.

May the arc be with you.