I was away for a few days at Salt Spring Island in the British Columbia Gulf Islands. The setting is rustic with amenities. Hot shower, bed, great food. We have been able to visit with the people that own this land for the last two years. It’s always a restorative time. This second trip we had an idea of where we were going and how long things took. It eases the mind and soothes the soul even deeper when you feel like you can get to the location under your own steam without worrying that you are lost or late.

We hiked, ate, and wandered together. When we got up there was always someone to hang out with. We had a knitting circle and jam sessions. We talked about many things. Some of them important. Some of them less so. We visited farm stands and bakeries and markets and yoga studios. We slept the sleep of the dead after a long day.

We didn’t worry or talk to customers.

We ate goats milk gelato!!!