I seem to be all about the cherry these days. Cherry wood. Cherry fruit. Cherry colored yarn. Wonder Sweetie and I found some truly remarkable cherries at the farmers market. They aren’t remarkable in that they can talk or write computer code. These were ripe, decadently firm cherries with shiny plump skin and texture. And they tasted as good as they looked. Which is often unusual in fruit. Like the difference between homegrown and store bought tomatoes.

Just looking at them made my mouth water.

For Christmas Wonder Sweetie gifted me with a new cookbook called Good to the Grains by Kim Boyce of Bake Shop fame The pictures are beautiful. The recipes are easier than expected and delicious. It featured an apricot and boysenberry rustic tart that I though could be adapted to nectarines and cherries

Turns out I was right.

It was almost a disaster as I added what I thought was too much water to the tart dough. It all worked out in the end. A smooth soft flaky dough with this crazy luscious cherry and nectarine filling.

The fruit cutting was the most amusing part for me. As I quartered and pitted the cherries my hands got progressively more stained. At one point it looked like I’d thrashed a bottle of merlot within an inch of its life. It was a lovely color made better by the fact that I could pop plump little bits of fruit into my mouth.

The tarts cooked up nice and brown and the fruit kept its shape. I whipped up some heavy cream and maple syrup. I’m surprised the second tart survived the night.