The shoe has dropped. My parents have changed places with my children and the best part is, they are slowly going broke. I didn’t realize until a recent series of phone calls, just how strained the situation is. It won’t happen tomorrow, or next month. What is likely to happen is that my parents will outlive their money.

I’m not upset about this from an inheritance or lack of inheritance perspective. I don’t want them to suffer and truthfully I don’t have the sort of relationship with my parents that promotes the eventuality that they will live with me. That, for better or worse is the road ahead for my brother and his wife. Me, I just get to watch the train wreck in slow motion and try to maintain my equanimity.

I continue to pursue fiber arts with every spare moment and bit of passion I can find The knitting is super frustrating right now. I can’t seem to figure out what to do with the needles without undoing and redoing several times. And it’s still not right, really. OR, maybe it is right and I don’t want to give myself that much credit. Note to self. Must investigate this thought more closely…

The weaving and spinning, that’s a whole ‘nother level of passion and crazy. For me it seems a good crazy right now. I sit and start thinking about what I need to talk to my parents about on the road ahead. The rythmn of weaving and spinning let’s me percolate a little till some peace of mind bubbles up. We will find a way. We will figure this out. It will all be OK in the end.