It was a quick trip this year. Jen and I had other more weighty matters to consider, such as the perfect dress for her niece’s wedding in November. For my part I have Spain on the brain – and little else based on evidence of monumental senior moments throughout the day. It appears I shall finally earn my Senile Girl cape. I need to think about what color the cape should be and what the insignia should look like… Will I have a sidekick (Depends Woman? Transitionless Trifocal Girl?) Or just go it alone??? Or I could, as Kathleen mentioned, be the Ninja Nitta with my Signature Needle Arts stiletto point DPNs. Keeping MAX train riders safe from loud scary people who smell of beer.

It was a good day, the kind of day I used to have, with one change – I still need to be home to let the dog out, and the studio apartment is now a 12 room house. 20 years ago, give or take, I wandered, or as my kids would tell you, I roamed the earth (with the dinosaurs, thanks girls). I ran to the gym for a favorite class. Shopped for food only when forced, cooked on occasion, ran the vacuum at 5:00 am because I was awake and it seemed like good a thing to get out of the way early.

Those days? They’re baack.

The new adventure at work I mentioned. I’m going to the implementation department to learn a whole bunch of new stuff!! It means travel, which means mileage awards (I hope) and more travel. Also means I won’t be answering front line tech support calls, for awhile at least. Maybe never? Dare I hope?

Now that I have consumed enough elemental iron to throw a compass off of North when I walk by, I am feeling better. Much better. It was discovered in my last physical that I was very anemic. I am still trying to decide if I will start eating red meat or just work at the other sources a little harder. Maybe buy a cast iron pan.

Time for me to go, it’s 5:51 am and I haven’t run the vacuum yet.