I’m never sure which is hardest. Leaving or being left. Today my youngest daughter leaves for college. To be sure it’s only just a short distance down the road but it’s still significant. I’m done with the day to day heavy nagging um I mean lifting and I’m on to something more subtle.

The last few days have been hectic but enjoyable. I have two fine young women who are ready for much, if not everything, and even if they don’t know it.

I’ll also be starting a new adventure in the work world, but more about that later.

I know I promised something about the water slides, but in retrospect it’s not that important that I mention it other than I went, I saw, I freaked, I rode. I cried like a baby at the end in front of witnesses. 99 people heard me shout I DONTLIKETHIS in my outdoor voice over and over all the way down.

I will likely do it again, if only to prove that I can conquer the irrational fear of dying on an innertube while floating inside of a tube.