No matter how many times I interact with my mother it always surprises me how apart we are. I use that word not to connote the obvious separation of space, but also of mind and emotion.

I think I will take it one step further and say I have nothing in common with her other than DNA and scoliosis. That’s a sad fact, but she’s more like a birth mother to me. I don’t understand what she thinks or where she’s coming from. Despite having tried for years. And now I just don’t (or won’t) have time to spend on it.

The kids and Marc and I have been enjoying the warmer days with lots of time out and about and things taken down to their simplest existence. I had a birthday in there, which my mother explained (blamed) her lack of trying to call on the fact that I was working. This was made somewhat better by the fact that she didn’t call my brother either. If the favorite didn’t get a call, then maybe it’s not just me 😉

We went to dinner to celebrate and I thought I’d lost my glasses. I melted down and behaved badly and had to apologize later. That was the worst part, and it got nicer and funnier from there. Andina is a family favorite and we enjoyed our meal.

The next night my oldest daughter completely surprised me with a dinner party. She and friends and family cooked and cleaned up the whole meal. They invited my BFF JustJen and we had such a wonderful relaxing time. The meal was delicious. My girl is quite a cook.

The new fancy schmancy Samsung dryer stopped drying clothes for a bit. Marc the Wonder Sweetie was able to clear out the vent which prevented the clothes from drying. There was much rejoicing when he came in with several pounds of lint filled with dog hair. Once he cleared the last blockage a puff of warm air pushed all sorts of extra debris out. I dried an entire load of clothes on one setting for the first time in awhile. Whew. Crisis averted 🙂

I finished walking another 1/2 Marathon with my other BFF Kristin. This time we stuck together and powered through in 3:16 – our last time was 3:22 and the latest time included 10 minutes waiting for a porta potty. I’m sore as heck but elated to have finished in such great company – and I’m 10 years older than most of the women on the Oregon Sole Sisters team.

The water slide story will wait for another day. It involves a lot more emotion than I want to contemplate right now.

I’m an amazingly lucky woman. To quote something I found on Pinterest I don’t have time to hate people who hate me. I am too busy loving the people who love me.