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It was a quick trip this year. Jen and I had other more weighty matters to consider, such as the perfect dress for her niece’s wedding in November. For my part I have Spain on the brain – and little else based on evidence of monumental senior moments throughout the day. It appears I shall finally earn my Senile Girl cape. I need to think about what color the cape should be and what the insignia should look like… Will I have a sidekick (Depends Woman? Transitionless Trifocal Girl?) Or just go it alone??? Or I could, as Kathleen mentioned, be the Ninja Nitta with my Signature Needle Arts stiletto point DPNs. Keeping MAX train riders safe from loud scary people who smell of beer.

It was a good day, the kind of day I used to have, with one change – I still need to be home to let the dog out, and the studio apartment is now a 12 room house. 20 years ago, give or take, I wandered, or as my kids would tell you, I roamed the earth (with the dinosaurs, thanks girls). I ran to the gym for a favorite class. Shopped for food only when forced, cooked on occasion, ran the vacuum at 5:00 am because I was awake and it seemed like good a thing to get out of the way early.

Those days? They’re baack.

The new adventure at work I mentioned. I’m going to the implementation department to learn a whole bunch of new stuff!! It means travel, which means mileage awards (I hope) and more travel. Also means I won’t be answering front line tech support calls, for awhile at least. Maybe never? Dare I hope?

Now that I have consumed enough elemental iron to throw a compass off of North when I walk by, I am feeling better. Much better. It was discovered in my last physical that I was very anemic. I am still trying to decide if I will start eating red meat or just work at the other sources a little harder. Maybe buy a cast iron pan.

Time for me to go, it’s 5:51 am and I haven’t run the vacuum yet.

I’m never sure which is hardest. Leaving or being left. Today my youngest daughter leaves for college. To be sure it’s only just a short distance down the road but it’s still significant. I’m done with the day to day heavy nagging um I mean lifting and I’m on to something more subtle.

The last few days have been hectic but enjoyable. I have two fine young women who are ready for much, if not everything, and even if they don’t know it.

I’ll also be starting a new adventure in the work world, but more about that later.

I know I promised something about the water slides, but in retrospect it’s not that important that I mention it other than I went, I saw, I freaked, I rode. I cried like a baby at the end in front of witnesses. 99 people heard me shout I DONTLIKETHIS in my outdoor voice over and over all the way down.

I will likely do it again, if only to prove that I can conquer the irrational fear of dying on an innertube while floating inside of a tube.

No matter how many times I interact with my mother it always surprises me how apart we are. I use that word not to connote the obvious separation of space, but also of mind and emotion.

I think I will take it one step further and say I have nothing in common with her other than DNA and scoliosis. That’s a sad fact, but she’s more like a birth mother to me. I don’t understand what she thinks or where she’s coming from. Despite having tried for years. And now I just don’t (or won’t) have time to spend on it.

The kids and Marc and I have been enjoying the warmer days with lots of time out and about and things taken down to their simplest existence. I had a birthday in there, which my mother explained (blamed) her lack of trying to call on the fact that I was working. This was made somewhat better by the fact that she didn’t call my brother either. If the favorite didn’t get a call, then maybe it’s not just me 😉

We went to dinner to celebrate and I thought I’d lost my glasses. I melted down and behaved badly and had to apologize later. That was the worst part, and it got nicer and funnier from there. Andina is a family favorite and we enjoyed our meal.

The next night my oldest daughter completely surprised me with a dinner party. She and friends and family cooked and cleaned up the whole meal. They invited my BFF JustJen and we had such a wonderful relaxing time. The meal was delicious. My girl is quite a cook.

The new fancy schmancy Samsung dryer stopped drying clothes for a bit. Marc the Wonder Sweetie was able to clear out the vent which prevented the clothes from drying. There was much rejoicing when he came in with several pounds of lint filled with dog hair. Once he cleared the last blockage a puff of warm air pushed all sorts of extra debris out. I dried an entire load of clothes on one setting for the first time in awhile. Whew. Crisis averted 🙂

I finished walking another 1/2 Marathon with my other BFF Kristin. This time we stuck together and powered through in 3:16 – our last time was 3:22 and the latest time included 10 minutes waiting for a porta potty. I’m sore as heck but elated to have finished in such great company – and I’m 10 years older than most of the women on the Oregon Sole Sisters team.

The water slide story will wait for another day. It involves a lot more emotion than I want to contemplate right now.

I’m an amazingly lucky woman. To quote something I found on Pinterest I don’t have time to hate people who hate me. I am too busy loving the people who love me.