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Both of my progeny will be gone in just over a month. Not forever, but one for 3 months and the other headed off to school.

It’s, at the same time, exciting and anxiety provoking all at once. It means I am getting older, as they are. It means they don’t need me in the same way, as they have not in awhile. This just makes it more concrete. A reminder much like me seeing my aging arm flesh swinging from the back of my humerus. A shock when I see it and can no longer deny, things are changing.

It’s not a bad thing but it is an ambivalent thing. More freedom, in exchange for a dose of reality.


How do I describe what just happened. Awesome… too 80’s. Special… completely underwhelming. Fabulous? Too British comedy on OPB.

Wonderful. That’s my adjective because it was truly wonder filled.

Some highlights. Leaving my wallet and backpack in a public place knowing I would come back to it with everything still inside (money, wallet).

Having Stephanie Pearl McPhee tell me I could in fact handle counting stitches for Fastest Knitter contest in such a reassuring way that I believed her, and did.

Dancing to 80’s tunes in my flashdance outfit. While I still have some moves, my bladder refused to be anything but old. Party pooper. Or is that party pee-er.

Hula hooping again after 47 years!!!! Fun, fun, fun.

The Sock Summit marketplace. Nuff said.

Being a volunteer. An honor to serve.

Clara Parkes signing my book calling me the most sublime aerobics instructor at the Sock Hop.

My helpful family. Who sent me to Sock Summit without a care in the world concerning the dog, house, car, money etc.

My dear friend Jen. So happy we met over yarn. Many yarny adventures yet to come.

Flash Mob! Wow. Who knew.

I’m thankful to have met the punks, geeks, hipsters, lutheran ladies, teachers, students, volunteers, teachers and ST teams in our bubble of fun and good vibes.

Hey ST-1 The 60s are calling. They want their crack at the Sock Hop.