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I’ve had a real wanderlust recently. When a friend mentioned they were headed to their cabin up in British Columbia, I sort of invited myself along. Truth be told they had already invited me, but I did make sure I kept up with them to discuss.

I needed to get away and clear my head. Everything seemed really staticky when I tried to take a moment and think. Nothing would penetrate the fog inside my skull. The place we went to stay was tailor made for allowing the slow leak of nonsense in there to escape harmlessly into the air.

It required lots of driving, and riding on a ferry with the car. That’s always one of the coolest parts for me of going north. The car gets driven onto the ferry and sails away with you. The Prius went for a sail!

Friday afternoon when we arrived in Swartz Bay for the final leg of our trip I felt almost giddy. The sun came out and the sky was that calming, happy-fying shade of blue. The warmth on my shoulders while I spun on my Turkish spindle was most welcome.

The rest of the trip was one long, sweet, warm bundle of fun and cooperation. Communal meals, quiet time for spinning and knitting. Music! Oh the music. Marc the Wonder Sweetie and a couple of guest musicians made some pretty tasty jams for the entertainment of a rotating series of visitors.

I sketched too!

I want to go back someday. I’m grateful to our friends for letting us share paradise with them for a bit. Till then I’ll carry some of the sweetest memories I’ve had of time with Marc in such a place.