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I’ve nearly survived some of the toughest Mom time ever. My youngest had all four wisdom teeth pulled today. Neither one of my kids has had even so much as a blood draw. No broken bones, no hospitalization, no serious illness. I had to hand her over to some very nice strangers to do what needs to be done to get teeth out.

Gah, I hate how helpless I felt.

I’m now waiting on her hand and foot to make up for it.

Wait I don’t have anything to make up for.

I don’t care. I’m taking care of her anyway.

My other daughter drove from Portland to Palm Springs, she said nonchalantly. Palm Springs, California. It’s like the distance to Jupiter and back and fraught with all kinds of Klingon like people. You know, California drivers. Very warlike. She and her college roomie did great and had a blast. Me, I think I have a Bride of Frankenstein streak of white hair that sprouted over night. I’m so very proud, but honestly.