It’s day 5 in my captivity by the flu bug. I’ve spent 5 days indoors. 3 trips to Freddie’s to purchase food and cough drops. Lots an lots of TV time. Bad TV time (the best kind!!). I had a partial day of work from home today. Full day at work tomorrow.

Usually I half kill myself trying to get back to work. I want to make it clear that I didn’t do that this time because I realize that I’m not the spring chicken I was and I’ve seen posts from several people who went into pneumonia after a run in with this bug. I think that is not the direction I’m headed. I’ve rested and slept and stayed home until I feel that I really am over the hump.

I’ve treated myself with respect. Put myself first. Weird.

I didn’t get all the things done I hoped I would. But I’m rested and less stressed. My brain feels capable of holding a thought for longer than .05 seconds. So maybe at the end of the day I can credit my body with doing what it needed to secure a little downtime. Backhanded move I hadn’t anticipated, but good all the same.

I can see the days getting longer. Excited for the spring. There were buds on the trees outside the kitchen window. I’m so ready! It will be such a nice change from Kleenex brand tissues, “Big Bags” (yes, there really is such a thing Virginia) of Ricola cough drops and my bath robe. Which I washed today because it was feeling truly disgusting.

I’ll have to tell you the story of my daughter and I sitting on the couch like a couple of stoners high on Theraflu another time.