There how does that sound? Dramatic? Exciting? Enticing. Well it’s a manufactured adventure surrounding the decidedly not dramatic or enticing life I lead right now. I took a vacation when no one was around. A staycation. Which turned out to be an opportunity to stage a Ricola natural lozenge tasting (do I detect a hint of blackberry in the natural herb flavor?) and get in plenty of bathrobe time, on the couch. Ouch.

I had such high hopes for these four days. But it’s not only the hopes that were low. Also the energy and enthusiasm.

I know this is what I tell my kids when stuff like this happens. Well it happened for a reason, you must need the rest, take it easy…

Now I see why that went over so well. When my whole life was kids, kids, kids and chores and cooking, I never got disappointed in how much time I had to devote to those things because “other” things were never an option. Now that fun sometimes is a regular occurrence I feel like I’ve lost something important and precious.

Living time.

Not sure what I want to do about that.