Stultification, which the dictionary defines as – Cause to lose enthusiasm and initiative, esp. as a result of a tedious or restrictive routine.

In other words I am bored. Mostly with my job and the never ending tedium of home care and car care and self care.

I’m pretty sure I need a vacation.

I’m taking a vacation in a week. But that is not this week. I’m hoping to get some good deep relaxation for a few days. Relaxing, however, requires up front work to keep from being so behind on not relaxing that I want to cry. You see the problem here of course. No, it’s not my OCD acting up again. I just need someone, anyone to give a shit about this house and it’s condition besides me.

I’m thinking I need a house keeper again.

I’ll need to make more money of course. Something for which I’m having little to no luck with. With the economy as it is I am fortunate to be working and to have health insurance. I am keenly aware of this. It makes me a lot sad that I can’t seem to I Dream of Jeannie up a response with a head nod and blink of the eyes and voila – instant promotion with no extra work.

Uh huh, right there with you. Soooo NOT happening.

I’m very committed to trying to spend less money next year on stuff. I have lots of stuff. Very committed to eating better next year. I can always do better. I’m even more committed to ridding myself of these sinus issues I’ve been having for months now. V-E-R-Y committed. By any means necessary. Well almost any. I think the plan I came up with to chop the part of my head above my mouth clean off may be a bit extreme.

So for now I’ll keep working, working out and looking at my good fortune with eyes of adoration. I’ll be keeping my eyes off of the page of the dictionary that defines the S word above.

Hope all is well with you.