Is humbuggity even a word?

Today was my last big push to get the items I needed for Christmas, to clean a little more and to replenish what’s missing in the pantry.

It turned out that there were several items that were nearly finished but not done in the pantry. Double bottles of the same substance with tiny little bits left in them. Honey, balsamic vinegar, rice. I now have about 50 percent more room for stuff. Plus, it’s organized nicely. For better or ill, that still makes my little heart flutter just like a tweenager seeing Justin Bieber sing.

Not much knitting action today. I hope tonight I’ll sit and rest a bit with something simple. 1 texting mitt is done. Vancouver shawl is progressing as is Muir. And there is the hat for Marc which had to have the kitchener stitch picked out and the ribbing undone because it was too small. I love the progress I am making, but wish I had more of it.

Off to do the dishes and run a load of laundry.