What can I say? Tina from Blue Moon and her minions know how to throw a hell of a yarn party. I was there when the doors opened and I can tell you I found yarn.

Blue Moon Booty

And I bought plenty of it. Yes, it’s not something I should not be doing since I am on a yarn diet and all that. However, both LSS and Woobu (albeit oversized) were on sale at a very good price. And these were projects for which I had patterns and ideas. Oh, and Wonder Sweetie said go crazy, I’ll cover you. That guy he just knows how to make a girl feel special.

Spent the morning there with JustJen before we each flew off to prepare for the holiday, a pile of lovely yarn for each of us. It took two trips to the car for me.

Last night I got to spend the evening and cook for my college girl. She made cookies, we made dessert. The night before I saw my high school senior in a one act play. I have to say my youngest has a future in comedy if she wants it.

It’s been such a good weekend and now I will pick Wonder Sweetie up at the airport tonight. The perfect ending, and a beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday. May you have someone to spend it with 🙂