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What can I say? Tina from Blue Moon and her minions know how to throw a hell of a yarn party. I was there when the doors opened and I can tell you I found yarn.

Blue Moon Booty

And I bought plenty of it. Yes, it’s not something I should not be doing since I am on a yarn diet and all that. However, both LSS and Woobu (albeit oversized) were on sale at a very good price. And these were projects for which I had patterns and ideas. Oh, and Wonder Sweetie said go crazy, I’ll cover you. That guy he just knows how to make a girl feel special.

Spent the morning there with JustJen before we each flew off to prepare for the holiday, a pile of lovely yarn for each of us. It took two trips to the car for me.

Last night I got to spend the evening and cook for my college girl. She made cookies, we made dessert. The night before I saw my high school senior in a one act play. I have to say my youngest has a future in comedy if she wants it.

It’s been such a good weekend and now I will pick Wonder Sweetie up at the airport tonight. The perfect ending, and a beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday. May you have someone to spend it with 🙂

Or as Mister Freud is reputed to have said a cigar is just a cigar.

I’m not moving on for a manager job interview which I thought I’d be perfect for. No matter that I would have hated the job furiously and with great passion. I’m not a manager of much else other than household chores, children and my own needs and desires. Those I govern quite well most days.

That and continued uterine issues left me feeling really bereft. Hard, hard fall for me. I think I had a lot of expectations about how I would perform and that hope and faith were going to lead me to the promised land. As so often happens with me, I expect far too much and become far too disappointed when it isn’t the way I planned. Many times I do govern those thoughts and manage those expectations well. This wasn’t one of those times. It appears that a moderate deviation was enough to send me flying over the handle bars and into a crumpled heap.

I’d like to promise I’ll do better next time. Not sure that I will.

I’d attempted to pick myself up the next morning and went off to Spinning class, which was great. Had a massage which was great. Relaxing and laughing and smiling and happy and feeling good about the future again, great. Big fight with Wonder Sweetie, not so great.

Piece picking up and de-stressing resumes this am pronto. Compassion and Equanimity for everyone I meet STAT. Including myself. Most importantly myself. If I don’t deserve my own compassion, who else can?

It’s not been all ambulatory surgery centers and minor uterine procedures around here. I’ve been knitting furiously. On my own stuff. Sometimes with my own stuff

Still not eating candy

Still exercising.

Feeling pretty damn good.

And the knitting.

Texting mittens from the most recent issue of Spin Off, with hand spun yak/merino and yak/silk. Learning that the yarns I make need more thought to the final outcome and use. Good lesson to learn

Teresa's Texting Mittens

Muir Shawl from Knitty. Knit in Tactile Fibers alpaca lace. I’m happy to be carrying around a lovely reminder of the color of the leaves this time of year that won’t turn to brown slimy mush in a week. 🙂

Muir Shawl from Knitty

Vancouver Shawl from KnitQuest.

Vancouver shawl Knitquest

Blue Moon Fiber Arts lightweight, two rare gems and Copperline. A delight to knit with as always