I haven’t had much time to sit at a desktop computer and type these days. I’ve begun participating in new things. Some of them are new to me, some of them are returnees from a prior life.

Two returnees are acupuncture and going to the gym. I set myself a goal to not eat any candy for this month. Halloween month. Yes I am a sadist to myself I know. It seemed a good way to prepare for November and December and lets be honest January. January, when everyone cleans out their left over candy and brings it to work to get rid of. My energy had been so low, and candy was the occasional pick me up – that lasted for 30 minutes

So far so good. No candy since the last of September. I don’t miss it

I also decided to up my exercise quotient to 90 minutes per day. Not 30 and change. Mostly because 30 minutes and change and candy equaled a middle section that hung over my pants. Making pants wearing no fun at all. I wear pants a lot. I think you get where I am going with this.

So far so good, much exercise has been done.

I’ve kept up with my promise not to buy any new yarn (except the skein I bought at my friend Cindy’s shop Urban Fiber Arts. It’s just opened (about the time I quit candy) and it’s awesome, you should go there.

Now I’m feeling a new desire coming on, and it means truly living within my means. It means not buying anything new for a year unless something old breaks. It may just save my financial bacon, it may just drive Marc the Wonder Sweetie crazy. It may just be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, because I love shopping for clothes and yarn. Those two things make me sooper dooper happy. But I’m starting to see a trend. I’m shopping for clothes in the hopes of looking younger and that’s just not possible. I’d have to get myself on Extreme Makeover, Middle Aged lady edition.

So between now and December 31 I have some decisions to make. I think I can still have fun, but it will be up to others to save the USA of a by shopping.

I’m going to finish up this batch of seitan I’m making. Go to the gym, and then come home and make more granola.