Work has settled out nicely, but the worries continue. Everyone is very unsettled. I have a crew of women who have adopted the coping mechanism of convening in the bathroom, kvetching, and then to a person repeating the mantra Vegas. As in what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

It helps.

On Saturday I discovered mouse turds under the sink. The gift that keeps on giving. Mouse traps were set and there are currently 4 less participants in the behind the walls races at night. That is such an unsettling thing when you hear the trap go off and then have to go retrieve it. Occupant and all.

My beloved little Netbook croaked. The best thing I can say about that is I bought the 2 year protection plan. So it cost me 24.95 to buy the recovery media, and not much else. I hope.

So the title of this post is dedicated to Kliban. He was an artist who drew cartoons of cats doing very human things. Back in the day when Mao Tse Tsung was public enemy number one for the US government I think Kliban made a t shirt that had the name spelled Mousey Tongue. I still makes me laugh.

Oh yeah and pictures of Vivian.