September 11th is a hard day for me. Such a horrible, thing happened and I truly never thought 9 years down the line that I would feel normal again.

Well normal has some strange twists and turns these days, but my life is normal seeming. I’m sad and sorry for the families that lost loved ones, it’s horrific. Why do we have to be so fragile? And cruel to each other?

My thoughts are with you and your family as you commemorate this day as you see fit. I’m trying be mindful today that we don’t get to choose the day and time we leave our lives, so it makes it even more important to make the most of what we have right now. Sometimes that making the most is changing the sheets on the bed, or watching your loved ones do something entirely mundane and savoring that moment. This little window doesn’t last forever.

I’m incredibly thankful for the friends and family I have, and the opportunity to spend time with them each day.