For me, the mysteries of the the “female anatomy” stem largely from the idea that you can’t see the parts without some planning an work. There is also this magical thing that hormones do each month. I’m thinking black magic, not white.

My uterus and I, we don’t talk much. ‘Let’s just call her Flo. She does her thing. I do mine. We get a long fine most of the time. Sometimes I buy her the new Always Infinity pads and she likes that. And then she Mr Polyp started hanging around. Or should I say, he started hanging around inside. That’s when it went all wrong.

I’m a believer in simple measures taken regularly for good health. Eating as unprocessed as possible. Don’t smoke, exercise vigorously several times a week. It’s something that has worked well for me. I also know that it’ s the luck of the draw that has gotten me here as healthy as I am.

Flo has decided to test the limits of my patience and my pocketbook. Sadly it won’t be a cheap easy break up with Mr Polyp. The good news is it’s a quick procedure and I’m back on my feet the next day. The time is still to be scheduled.

I got to spend the day with JustJen being her wing woman. She’s recently lost weight and looks wonderful. She also needs new clothes to fit her fine self. We found her some! I loved seeing the look on her face when the sizes she normally buys were not the sizes she needed.

Also massage and yoga on the schedule. As I relax and please no one but myself my sense of humor returns. 9 out of 10 humans agree, its a good thing.