I’m home after a week on the road with family. Wonder Sweetie, youngest daughter and I road tripped it to California to see the colleges in the Gold Rush state. There are many colleges. There was much driving. I think a great time was had by all.

We began the week by celebrating an 80th, 60th, 53rd and 51st birthday. Wonder Sweetie surprised the heck out of my Dad (in a good way) by picking up the tab for dinner that night. There was lots of laughter and good conversation. It was one of those weekends I will remember forever.

The heat was a factor, so we swam a couple of nights. It made me realize how much I miss swimming. My ankle stopped swelling after the first 2 days. Despite sitting. It makes me realize it has to be my chair at work or the MAX ride that causes it.

My oldest daughter stayed home and I had the opportunity to really visit with my youngest. All three of us settled on an XM station we could live with and cruised up I-5. It was a mellow trip compared to the 50 yd dash we did through New England.

I visited my Alma Mater, Santa Clara University. I knocked on the door of the chair of the history department whose class I took his first year teaching (he remembered me :)). I visited my second Mom and Dad. I also found the house I lived in, in Santa Monica.

I had to have additional phone calls with my doctor since I couldn’t get the plumbing to stop leaking. It slowed down for a few days and then started back up despite the hormone medication. It seems crazy it’s been going on for 2 weeks now. Appt on Sept 2nd. Surgery likely to follow. Not my idea of fun, but necessary I think.

I’m happy to be home, missing Wonder Sweetie who headed back to Baltimore on Friday. Sorry to be starting work again. Vivian the sweater is complete so now I am once again auditioning knitting projects that capture my heart and soul.