I have a Singer 401A sewing machine which is about as old, or possibly older, than me. It has every attachment known to man and is virtually indestructible. Or so I thought. This morning as I attempted to finish a project for my sister’s 60th birthday, the adjustable nobs that move from straight stitch to zig zag froze up. While I thought I would punt and use the straight stitch, I had already moved the foot over and it was stuck fast.

I made a call to Hillsboro Vac and Sew to see what could be done. The owner seems to thing I could sell this on e-bay for almost 600.00. I think that was to sell me the 189.00 service. I figured I would take him up on the steam clean, since it’s all metal parts. It would be nice to have the machine back in top working condition. AND clean. I cannot replace the machine for 189.00 to have something so nice as this one.

Till then JustJen is letting me use her machine tomorrow to complete the projects. I have a couple of handwoven items just waiting to be stitched.