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I’m not sure when this started or why. Suddenly I am in INTENSE dislike with all of my pairs of shoes except 2 pair.

It goes hand in hand with my general feeling of being an unmade bed. My feet are ugly. My clothes don’t fit right. The list is long. The objectivity low.

I’m suspicious that it has much to do with my general health ( which has been iffy) and hormones. A potent combination anyway you look at it.

I’m not in a position to buy a whole new closet full of shoes though I may wish it. Still the great shoe hunger persists.

I wonder if it’s the progesterone I’m taking like Tic Tacs?

I’m going to clean my closet this weekend. Hopefully I won’t be reduced to wearing flip flops when it’s done.

I’m home after a week on the road with family. Wonder Sweetie, youngest daughter and I road tripped it to California to see the colleges in the Gold Rush state. There are many colleges. There was much driving. I think a great time was had by all.

We began the week by celebrating an 80th, 60th, 53rd and 51st birthday. Wonder Sweetie surprised the heck out of my Dad (in a good way) by picking up the tab for dinner that night. There was lots of laughter and good conversation. It was one of those weekends I will remember forever.

The heat was a factor, so we swam a couple of nights. It made me realize how much I miss swimming. My ankle stopped swelling after the first 2 days. Despite sitting. It makes me realize it has to be my chair at work or the MAX ride that causes it.

My oldest daughter stayed home and I had the opportunity to really visit with my youngest. All three of us settled on an XM station we could live with and cruised up I-5. It was a mellow trip compared to the 50 yd dash we did through New England.

I visited my Alma Mater, Santa Clara University. I knocked on the door of the chair of the history department whose class I took his first year teaching (he remembered me :)). I visited my second Mom and Dad. I also found the house I lived in, in Santa Monica.

I had to have additional phone calls with my doctor since I couldn’t get the plumbing to stop leaking. It slowed down for a few days and then started back up despite the hormone medication. It seems crazy it’s been going on for 2 weeks now. Appt on Sept 2nd. Surgery likely to follow. Not my idea of fun, but necessary I think.

I’m happy to be home, missing Wonder Sweetie who headed back to Baltimore on Friday. Sorry to be starting work again. Vivian the sweater is complete so now I am once again auditioning knitting projects that capture my heart and soul.

I have a Singer 401A sewing machine which is about as old, or possibly older, than me. It has every attachment known to man and is virtually indestructible. Or so I thought. This morning as I attempted to finish a project for my sister’s 60th birthday, the adjustable nobs that move from straight stitch to zig zag froze up. While I thought I would punt and use the straight stitch, I had already moved the foot over and it was stuck fast.

I made a call to Hillsboro Vac and Sew to see what could be done. The owner seems to thing I could sell this on e-bay for almost 600.00. I think that was to sell me the 189.00 service. I figured I would take him up on the steam clean, since it’s all metal parts. It would be nice to have the machine back in top working condition. AND clean. I cannot replace the machine for 189.00 to have something so nice as this one.

Till then JustJen is letting me use her machine tomorrow to complete the projects. I have a couple of handwoven items just waiting to be stitched.

I finished knitting the Peacock Tail and leaf scarf for my Mom, pics on Ravelry. I’ve mostly finished spinning the AbsrtractFiber merino in the autumn colorway, no pics anywhere yet.

Also stepped up the weaving to try and complete something for my sister for her 60th birthday. Those single skeins I’ve bought over the years just to possess them are being used.

Vivian still awaits me 🙂 She’s still go the shoulders to go and I’m not sure I have enough yarn to finish. The good news is I may have a way to get more. Maybe.

OK, more work to do. Proud of how far I’ve come, know I have a long way to go.