I’m still determined to get on the finishing band wagon. It looks to many like I’ve had a hiccup along the way.
Cherry Baby

This was actually in the cards for awhile now, but like babies, spinning wheels sometimes show up before their due date.

I got a call from a local yarn shop letting me know that they had one on consignment. Since I was on the waiting list was I interested?

Let’s see?? HELL yes!

So Cherry Baby (just think the Frankie Vallie song of a similar name) is set up in my living room. She needs a good once over with Howard’s Feed and Wax and a dust cloth. A new drive band awaits. Marc the Wonder Sweetie has spiffed up a broken bobbin like new.

I had to go downstairs this morning and make sure it wasn’t a dream from last night. Yep, she’s still there. And look I have all of these samples waiting to be spun from the Knot Hysteria Silk retreat!