That’s me today. Over this long weekend I finally finished spinning and plying the yak and merino. I’m sorting through my stash and it’s amazing what is in there I had forgotten about

I have two purposes for that process. One is to work further toward my goal of cleaning out the stash which I am calling “finishing”. The second is to get prepared for the Knot Hysteria Silk retreat. It’s coming up soon and I am mostly prepared.

I have A LOT of yarn.

I am making more yarn as we speak.

I am coming to the conclusion I lost my mind somewhere back a few years ago, when I purchased all of this fiber.

So I’ll be playing the Tour de Fleece home game this year, instead of trying to ride with the grownups. I’ve added a few ideas to my stash and queue page on Ravelry which I am excited about.

Go Team Outlier! My team of one person!