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I’ve just finally dealt with the stash again. I needed a few days of mingling with the newest additions before putting everyone into the bins.

I’ve noticed something alarming. I actually have an entire bin devoted to silk and silk blends.

I’ve noticed another alarming thing. In my efforts to finish, finish, finish… I’m making more yarn.

This simultaneously makes me happy beyond measure and really frightened. And then I read the latest copy of Interweave Knits which has an article about Barbara Walker in it. Ms Walker just turned 80 and she is certain she has more yarn than she can ever knit before she dies.

A gal after my own heart, and yet, something I do not aspire to. I currently could knit everything I have, God willing and the crick don’t rise. I’m trying really hard to keep it that way.

All that aside, my yarn stash still has a crazy cat lady specter hanging over it. I don’t think the 4 active spindles and 2 wheels with fiber on them does anything to assuage my fears.

On the bright side, some of this is destined for weaving. Which by all accounts eats yarn the way a 16 year old boy on double sessions for football practice clears the pantry.

Behold the bounty of the Tour de Fleece wannabe.

The Jacob/Alpaca batt from Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival has become almost 2 ounces of thick fluffy goodness. It didn’t take long on the new wheel.

Many samples spun at the silk retreat at Port Ludlow, Mohair locks on the Jensen Turkish, Cashmere and Silk on the Bosworth. My 10 year old silk hankie which I have retrieved from oblivion.

And the 3 million yards of yak and merino I plied in the first days.

I’m still determined to get on the finishing band wagon. It looks to many like I’ve had a hiccup along the way.
Cherry Baby

This was actually in the cards for awhile now, but like babies, spinning wheels sometimes show up before their due date.

I got a call from a local yarn shop letting me know that they had one on consignment. Since I was on the waiting list was I interested?

Let’s see?? HELL yes!

So Cherry Baby (just think the Frankie Vallie song of a similar name) is set up in my living room. She needs a good once over with Howard’s Feed and Wax and a dust cloth. A new drive band awaits. Marc the Wonder Sweetie has spiffed up a broken bobbin like new.

I had to go downstairs this morning and make sure it wasn’t a dream from last night. Yep, she’s still there. And look I have all of these samples waiting to be spun from the Knot Hysteria Silk retreat!

I’m happy to be home. The Silk Retreat at Port Ludlow was so delightful and so important in so many ways. I made some new friends and re-acquainted with some old friends. And? I am surrounded by silk. Really. It’s covering multiple surfaces of the house as we speak.

I took away something important, my creative voice, it still lives buried under the to-do list and harried schedule. I need to make time for it every day. Just like exercise. It’s amazing how much a little collaboration makes for an incredible infusion of ideas.

Ready to embark on my finishing project. Ready, steady, GO!

I am at the Silk Road retreat in Port Ludlow. I did not remember my upload cord, so no pictures. My room is looking right at the Olympic Range. I am going to spend a couple of hours with spinners and knitters tonite and sleep late.

Many thanks to my family support team who helped me to get here earlier than expected and with my sanity attached.

That’s me today. Over this long weekend I finally finished spinning and plying the yak and merino. I’m sorting through my stash and it’s amazing what is in there I had forgotten about

I have two purposes for that process. One is to work further toward my goal of cleaning out the stash which I am calling “finishing”. The second is to get prepared for the Knot Hysteria Silk retreat. It’s coming up soon and I am mostly prepared.

I have A LOT of yarn.

I am making more yarn as we speak.

I am coming to the conclusion I lost my mind somewhere back a few years ago, when I purchased all of this fiber.

So I’ll be playing the Tour de Fleece home game this year, instead of trying to ride with the grownups. I’ve added a few ideas to my stash and queue page on Ravelry which I am excited about.

Go Team Outlier! My team of one person!

Add the static in my head to the list of things that are finished. It was a rough week, but I seem to be better today.

Also the window saga should have no further chapters. The new window is in and it’s truly wonderful to see out of it. It’s been awhile. That window has a view of the very tall trees in the wet area behind the sub division and the sky at all hours of the day. It should be warmer and cooler now that it’s got proper double panes.

This is also a day where I come very close to finishing the yak and merino I began spinning months ago. It’s a two ply and I’m thankful I have the plying head. It’s the most yarn I’ve ever made in one piece. I think I might fill the bobbin.