I got to spend the day neck deep in sheepy goodness yesterday. I think there may have been a few moments when I actually submerged under the goodness so no part of me could be seen.

It was heaven, with book ends of a 2 hour drive on either end. The driving was worth it to have lunch with the lovely JustJen and visit with people I haven’t seen for a few months. And to visit the possible future home of my oldest daughter for school.

Oh and purchase one of these. It’s about as fun as a spindle gets.

Is it any wonder I just don’t care about housework anymore? That used to be the only way for me to relax, and now there are so many different ways. My mop sings to me – like those creepy commercials with the mop stalking the house frau because she’s using a new mop (that coincidentally wastes all kinds of resources from paper to plastic, plus chemicals.

I guess it’s going to be one of those posts. Where I jump around from thing to thing and generally make veiled references to things no one else gets but me. A cathartic post, where hopefully it gets my mind going somewhere coherent at the end.

Well maybe. Suddenly everything seems like too much work to explain myself and I’d rather just do.

I think I’ll go and do.