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The sweater is mended, and I’ve finished off two bottles of lotions and potions that were lingering. I’m working on some good momentum here.

I am setting my sights at the super secret project and Vivian. Then the “shawl”, all the socks remaining from Sock Club 2009 and the alpaca lace weight from Sock Summit that is defying pattern selection.

Up UP and away!

I’ve been feeling an urge for months to complete things. Projects, especially fiber ones; but also sentences, thoughts, meals, journeys. There is a store bought sweater sitting on my pile of things requiring sorting, filing and shredding that I want to fix a hole in, but can’t come up with a useful or attractive solution. I have piles of yarn that I am slowly making my way through, but get stopped as I try to knit my way to fame and fortune through sample garments (wild and maniacal laughter here).

The stuff in my stash is talking so loudly that it is, as Wonder Sweetie says, triggering my OCD.

I’d also like to have a better relationship with food than I have recently. It’s not like the old days when I treated food like an addict treated a drug. It’s that I’m often bored or unfulfilled at work and I look for ways to relieve the boredom. None of them are fiber related unless you count Kashi cereal. That stuff is hard to knit with.

So I’m looking to draw the proverbial line in the sand right now. I have a really big adventure coming up in July. Huge adventure. After that I plan to let what I have amuse and amaze me for up to a year. No additional yarn until all the socks are knit and the shawls too. All the fiber waiting to be spun, that also needs to find a home one way or another.

All I hope to have at the end is a little(r) pile of odds and ends from which I can then make?? Not sure, itty bitty mittens?

So July 12, 2010. Bring it.

I got to spend the day neck deep in sheepy goodness yesterday. I think there may have been a few moments when I actually submerged under the goodness so no part of me could be seen.

It was heaven, with book ends of a 2 hour drive on either end. The driving was worth it to have lunch with the lovely JustJen and visit with people I haven’t seen for a few months. And to visit the possible future home of my oldest daughter for school.

Oh and purchase one of these. It’s about as fun as a spindle gets.

Is it any wonder I just don’t care about housework anymore? That used to be the only way for me to relax, and now there are so many different ways. My mop sings to me – like those creepy commercials with the mop stalking the house frau because she’s using a new mop (that coincidentally wastes all kinds of resources from paper to plastic, plus chemicals.

I guess it’s going to be one of those posts. Where I jump around from thing to thing and generally make veiled references to things no one else gets but me. A cathartic post, where hopefully it gets my mind going somewhere coherent at the end.

Well maybe. Suddenly everything seems like too much work to explain myself and I’d rather just do.

I think I’ll go and do.