When my kids first introduced me to Glee (a televisions show) I thought “Oh no! Another craptastic show about nothing”. Some of the stuff they watch truly is excrement. Then the singing started, and, well I’ve become a closet Gleek FAN.

I haven’t downloaded much new music to my iPod in years. What I have on there honestly has done it for me for a long time. I’ve added a song or two here and there, but nothing, however, prepared me for the covet fest that errupted when I saw the Glee cast albums on iTunes. I quickly downloaded most of all 4 that are available. Now I’m singing Don’t Rain On My Parade at the top of my lungs in the car and humming Jesse’s Girl on the way up the street as I head to work.

The thing I like about this show, is that it makes me feel like singing. Even if someone can hear me. OUT-loud. Bacharach, Streisand, Journey, Madonna. The crazy mashups make me just laugh (and sing). Well that and watching Jane Lynch in the role she was born to play. The snarky asides, the curled lip, the Vogue video.

Both of my children and beautiful singing voices, me, not so much. But it’s OK I’m just going to keep on belting one out, arms outstretched a la Streisand and have me my moment in the privacy of my kitchen. Who is ever going to know?