Not that sort of content. But I had you going for a second there didn’t I.

So what DO you get the Mom who has everything? Time! I’ve picked up my head from the endless treadmill of nonsense that life presents and it’s Mother’s Day already. My daughter has nearly completed her first year of college, my other daughter will be a senior in High School. And me… Well I’ve just spent another year of my life in service to another in an endless list of names of employers

God that is depressing on the face of it, and takes some incredible bolstering of spirit to avoid feeling really diminished. Something our culture appears to revel in.

Then this will be another post about Carpe Diem and all that. Time is on me like white on rice (technically brown on rice, since you scrape the brown off to make white rice ;). So many things I have done, so many just waiting to be done. Traveling, making art, learning to play the bongos – (wait, where did that last one come from?). Oh and as She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is reminding me with a cold dog nose to the leg – a dog butt that must be rubbed. Glamour, I am all about it.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, the first one I haven’t spent with both children. The first of others I know I might not spend with either of my kids. This transition stuff is hard and I’m not making sense of any of it right now.

Maybe tomorrow, after bungee jumping or Samoan fire dancing I’ll come back and tell you all how this Carpe Diem thing should work. As soon as I finish the laundry and cleaning the refrigerator. Be right with you