My back has been on the fritz, work continues in it’s lack of drama and nonsense (a girl could get used to this).

Oh and I am getting old. Why, may I ask, does time have to be so unkind? I cannot believe the crap that is happening to my bod. Droopage (it’s French for sagging, look it up! it’s like those French have a word for everything.) I used to see ads for cremes that would assist with crepe-y skin. I need a vat of it please. I’ll just dip myself in it.

My doctor says I’m in great shape for the shape I am in, and I believe her. Still, things hurt a whole lot more that they used to, and long sessions at the keyboard, knitting, cleaning etc, are painful. I am NOT used to everything hurting quite so much.

So pardon me I think I will put on my exercise clothes and work out ever so gently. I’m thankful for what I retain and try not to think too hard about what I used to have.

Have a good week!