How do you explain to someone who knows everything (and knows nothing) that life is a marathon run everyday by some fairly clueless racers. Most of us are doing the best we can, and some of us will have a good race, most of us will just finish.

How the heck do you teach that? That just finishing is an honorable thing, and not all of us get the chance to finish.

How do I explain that life is hard and wonderful all at once, and the training you do will make it easier, but not easy? That as much as you want to spare someone the pain of growing up, no one can do that for them. No matter how much you want to.

How do I convey the fact that our time is limited, to this day, this minute, this second, this nano-second, and that we need to fill it with worthwhile things. Worthwhile things that aren’t always fun? It ain’t at all like you see on TV. There is laundry and cooking, cleaning, to-ing and fro-ing through traffic, relationships. Alone time. Plenty of alone time, where if you are not carefully marshaling your resources, your mind will work against you, not for you.

I can teach manners and check book balancing, but this I think I can only offer my very imperfect example by which I lead my life. That’s all I’ve got. Not much,but it will have to do.