The definition of craniectomy is removal of part of the skull, which is what I’m feeling like right about now. I set myself a task to finish the Paper Crane sweater this weekend, and I just might. On the heels of the Knitting Olympics and devoting a full day to chasing yarn (YAY!) I think I can still pull it off. To that end, last weekend I knit 64 plus rows on the sleeves and power knit every trip to and from the office last week. Success was had. Every piece of Paper Crane is off the needles. Let the seaming (and screaming) begin. The pattern is a meticulous fit.

I notice that my yarn stash has gone from amusing to frankly, a little scary. Sort of like that quirky guy you dated a few times before realizing that he was the assistant to the Mayor of Neuroticville, which is one short stop up the road from Crazy Town. Nice until he turned a little stalkery. You know the one I mean. That guy.

Off to spend time with family and buy another basket to contain Stashzilla.