We all have a favorite garment which we choose over and over again because it makes us feel good to be in it. Usually those garments combine the best of fit, fabric and minimal need for coddling. The essential design of it means it won’t require adjusting or tugging or fluffing.

A good friendship is much like that. They fit you just right, they don’t require non-stop tugging or coddling. Self sufficient, possessed of a graciousness as the ignore your flaws (as a good garment does) and play to your strengths. Supportive and flexible in spades.

Having spent 4 days up close and personal with my dear friend JustJen, she is metaphorically a cashmere shawl. A light layer which gives warmth and a feeling of shelter. Someone who is thoughtful, helpful, rational, and one of the smartest yarn enablers around. A helpful pocket book guardian when the yarn fumes have taken over and all sense is gone. Having a friend like Jen is a true luxury, yet it wears like iron. Just like cashmere.

I think it helps that Jen and I lived in the Bay Area, fully immersed in computers and the strange brew of Mediterranean sunlight and Hollywierd vibe that was California in the 70s and 80s. It’s an odd fence we straddle as products of wives and mothers who gave way to career women raising their children and keeping their sanity, but just barely.

I am so thankful that we met and that I we had the opportunity to travel together. More about the wonders of Madrona later. When I’ve had a chance to absorb it all.

And while I am at it, a shout out to Wonder Sweetie for holding down the fort in my absence. The dog poop was scooped, the laundry done, the smiling face that welcomed me home. He still has no idea what an aphrodisiac that is 😉