I’m sitting in a coffee shop whose name rhymes with Farclucks typing on my computer, while the Madrona Fiber Arts festival spins merrily along at The Hotel Murano 3 blocks away. I drove up last night and I am exhausted. 4 weeks of steadily escalating work has taken a toll on me. Still the best part is that the project is across the finish line. I’m not done, but I liken it to giving birth. That part of the work is done. Now the rest of the work starts. It’s work of the steady and consistent kind. The team I have worked with has been great.

Class this afternoon is the long awaited learning how to spin fatter yarns. A departure from my usual lace weight. Tomorrow I have off. Tacoma is proving to be a lovely place to be.

17 years ago today I gave birth to Ellie, also a project that is nearly over the finish line. I am so proud of my girl.

So I’ll pack up my computer and re-integrate with the crowd at Madrona. Take my time and move slow.