Yesterday I said good bye to an old friend. We had many good conversations this friend and I. The friend greeted me several months after moving to Portland 15 years ago. The friend was a tiny plant someone gave me, in hopes that my new life would be better than my old. The 15 ensuing years have been better in many ways, although there we several so hard I’m not sure I could manage it again if it happened today. The tiny plant had grown, albeit sideways, to be a rather large plant. Almost as tall as me, except it grew 90 degrees to the side. No amount of attempts at straightening the plant had any effect.

Then yesterday Plantzilla rebelled. First it broke the plastic tray that held it’s water from leaking onto the floor ( Yes, it did, I checked it two weeks ago, not a crack on it). When I realized there was a brown stain on the hardwood I tried to move the plant from it’s corner. It promptly leapt out of the pot and pitched forward onto the floor.

Stunned I carried my friend to the sink, pot and all, and cleaned up the wet mess on the floor. Then I placed a Vornado fan over the wet area, praying that the floor wouldn’t lift. My prayers appear to have worked. The floor is smooth and unbroken as ever.

The same cannot be said for the plant. After calling my very dear friend Kristin (who was with me when I received the plant, and was the impetus behind the move to Portland, but that’s another story) and having a conversation, where I cried actual, real tears, ABOUT – A – PLANT, my youngest daughter and I said goodbye and walked the plant to the yard debris can. I can’t call the dumping of a plant into a yard debris can unceremonious with a straight face, but truly it was graceless.

Reflecting on it, I realize my superstitious self feels this is a slap in the face to what I have wrought out of an untenable situtation when I arrived here. Shouldn’t it be kept as a symbol of what strides I’ve made?

Pish Tosh, apparently not. I did the work, not the damn house plant. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

In other news I have completed preparations for the Madrona Fiber Arts Fest. It’s all over but the packing and the fun. I’ve got a MAJOR project launch to get through first, but that, again, is story for another day.