I just finished winding this sticky ball of Habu linen. I don’t really hate Habu, just the sticky quality of the yarn. When held with the cobweb merino it made for an interesting knit as the pokier bits of the linen snagged the merino and itself. The ball was the last resort. It has allowed me to work uninterrupted by rewinding the center pull cake. The Paper Crane is about 60% done. The original used just the linen, but the fabric from the double fiber is lovely! The pattern is a marvelous single piece construction for the body, much like a piece of Origami.

I also managed to complete the leg – minus the ribbing – on Marc’s sock. I am a finisher, and a rip out and re-do-er. Sometimes a rip out and never finisher, but not particularly often.

Tomorrow it’s off to Faerie Worlds for the day to spin with Melissa. don’t open this link at work. The music is loud and hard to find the volume thingie at first.

Happy knitting!