In February of 2004 Marc the Wonder Sweetie embarked on a strange and wonderful journey to the left coast to visit me, and my kids. We met at a restaurant. Not atypical of first dates, but in truth it was the best first date I ever had. It took awhile to get me to realize that happiness was a possibility for me in the relationship department. Eventually though, I was convinced. This was a good match for me.

Over the last 6 years we’ve had a barrel full of ups and a few downs. People started telling me I looked younger, instead of asking me if I felt ok. We’ve gone through job changes, sick pets, crazy making progeny and other various and sundry items life has thrown our way.

And Wonder Sweetie, he just keeps showing up in his suit of armor made from garage sale finds. There are hubcaps and aluminum chair frames all lovingly converted into shiny armor with a laser he made out of a paper clip and a flashlight using a computer scavenged from old cash registers and cell phones. He arrives on his steed, helmet slightly askew, with a shit eating grin (the size of Texas) of a man who is about to devour a Katz’s deli pastrami on rye in three bites or less.

The man has heart, and titanium coated steel cojones the size of planetoids. Both are things he will need if we are going to hang together through thick and thin.

And me, well I’ve got the best of all worlds, a grown ass man who also is a boy at heart in my life. A playmate for the 6 year girl old in frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane’s who is caked in mud from the crown of her head to the buckle on her shoe. I’ve got the man who brings home toilet paper because he knows it’s in low supply.

So happy almost Anniversary Wonder Sweetie. You are the best.