Yesterday was such a great day. I got to spend it in the company of all sorts of knitters, all day long. Right from the start the train arrived packed with happy knitters. You just can’t feel glum when you know a full day of fun and friends is waiting.

JustJen and I met at Trader Joe’s in Hillsboro. We brought the car to the train station which I had washed and vacuumed that morning. Nothing like someone else in the car for awhile to make you do things you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Lisa (convolutedstring on Ravelry) and KT were two Seattle knitters we had planned ahead to meet and spend the day together. Lunch was fun, interesting and yummy. Talk of books (Mary Scott Huff) Grand babies (Cockeyed) and run of the mill project horrors (steeks EEK!)

Twisted was packed to the gills as was Dublin Bay and Knit Purl. I love the energy a store has when filled with knitters doing what they do best. I was very glad at the end to have JustJen to wind down with as we made a thwarted attempted to hit Knitting Bee for one last try for Respect the Spindle. I had seen a copy there last Sunday.

So happy that Jen and I met at WWKIP day two years ago. We’ve had some great adventures since that day. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, there is nobody better for a yarn adventure. I’m waiting less than patiently for our next adventure, Madrona 2010!