I had a really fun day today. Spent time with JustJen (no rain this time). Used a couple of gift cards -one for Kathy’s Knit Korner and one for Whole Foods. And I found a little teapot at WFs that has red and green glaze, with dragonflies (I collect art and jewlery with dragonflies on them) and of course it holds tea. 3 of my favorite things in the whole world in one object. I am taking it to work.

A few of my favorite things
Oh and a magazine and a book on order. And lovely smelling bath gel. Gifts I don’t really want to spend money on now. So free is a very good price.

My oldest daughter is off to Hawaii for two weeks. The youngest starts school Monday. I pick Marc up tomorrow.

I spent my three day weekend just as I needed to. Getting my own house in order (cleaning and filing paperwork) and writing out my new years resolutions. They aren’t really resolutions, it’s actually a writing of those things I want more of in my life. Peace, good food, good relationships, exercise. More money certainly couldn’t hurt. I’m a content soul. Don’t need a lot to make me happy. Kind of like today and finding the perfect tea pot. Serendipity in ceramics. You never know what might be out there for you.