It’s been quite a decade. 2010 doesn’t quite pack the punch of 2000 where I stayed up all night worrying about the end of the world. I did manage to change jobs twice, without it being my choice, get divorced and see my first child perch at the end of the nest and fly out.

It’s good stuff. Each step leading me to the next best place. A job I like instead of one I tolerate. My life partner appeared, thank you Marc for 6 wonderful years. Lets work on many more. Knitting reappeared in a big way, as did spinning. A creative outlet for me to enjoy.

My hope for this year is to move to a new level of peace and comfort in my life. To explore my creative abilities to the fullest and to continue being a great mom to my children and a good partner to my sweetheart.

I hope that means a lot less stress and tears about money and the future and plenty more hopefulness.

One can hope.