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I just finished winding this sticky ball of Habu linen. I don’t really hate Habu, just the sticky quality of the yarn. When held with the cobweb merino it made for an interesting knit as the pokier bits of the linen snagged the merino and itself. The ball was the last resort. It has allowed me to work uninterrupted by rewinding the center pull cake. The Paper Crane is about 60% done. The original used just the linen, but the fabric from the double fiber is lovely! The pattern is a marvelous single piece construction for the body, much like a piece of Origami.

I also managed to complete the leg – minus the ribbing – on Marc’s sock. I am a finisher, and a rip out and re-do-er. Sometimes a rip out and never finisher, but not particularly often.

Tomorrow it’s off to Faerie Worlds for the day to spin with Melissa. don’t open this link at work. The music is loud and hard to find the volume thingie at first.

Happy knitting!


In February of 2004 Marc the Wonder Sweetie embarked on a strange and wonderful journey to the left coast to visit me, and my kids. We met at a restaurant. Not atypical of first dates, but in truth it was the best first date I ever had. It took awhile to get me to realize that happiness was a possibility for me in the relationship department. Eventually though, I was convinced. This was a good match for me.

Over the last 6 years we’ve had a barrel full of ups and a few downs. People started telling me I looked younger, instead of asking me if I felt ok. We’ve gone through job changes, sick pets, crazy making progeny and other various and sundry items life has thrown our way.

And Wonder Sweetie, he just keeps showing up in his suit of armor made from garage sale finds. There are hubcaps and aluminum chair frames all lovingly converted into shiny armor with a laser he made out of a paper clip and a flashlight using a computer scavenged from old cash registers and cell phones. He arrives on his steed, helmet slightly askew, with a shit eating grin (the size of Texas) of a man who is about to devour a Katz’s deli pastrami on rye in three bites or less.

The man has heart, and titanium coated steel cojones the size of planetoids. Both are things he will need if we are going to hang together through thick and thin.

And me, well I’ve got the best of all worlds, a grown ass man who also is a boy at heart in my life. A playmate for the 6 year girl old in frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane’s who is caked in mud from the crown of her head to the buckle on her shoe. I’ve got the man who brings home toilet paper because he knows it’s in low supply.

So happy almost Anniversary Wonder Sweetie. You are the best.

Yesterday was such a great day. I got to spend it in the company of all sorts of knitters, all day long. Right from the start the train arrived packed with happy knitters. You just can’t feel glum when you know a full day of fun and friends is waiting.

JustJen and I met at Trader Joe’s in Hillsboro. We brought the car to the train station which I had washed and vacuumed that morning. Nothing like someone else in the car for awhile to make you do things you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Lisa (convolutedstring on Ravelry) and KT were two Seattle knitters we had planned ahead to meet and spend the day together. Lunch was fun, interesting and yummy. Talk of books (Mary Scott Huff) Grand babies (Cockeyed) and run of the mill project horrors (steeks EEK!)

Twisted was packed to the gills as was Dublin Bay and Knit Purl. I love the energy a store has when filled with knitters doing what they do best. I was very glad at the end to have JustJen to wind down with as we made a thwarted attempted to hit Knitting Bee for one last try for Respect the Spindle. I had seen a copy there last Sunday.

So happy that Jen and I met at WWKIP day two years ago. We’ve had some great adventures since that day. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, there is nobody better for a yarn adventure. I’m waiting less than patiently for our next adventure, Madrona 2010!

Sitting at my kitchen counter, listening to the church bells ringing and typing furiously away on my keyboard. I spoke with my mother at length yesterday. Not something we began doing until the last year or two. Unusual and pleasant, but not without it’s sadness and challenges. Mom has lost most of the sight in her right eye, and has begun to slow down to the point that she rarely leaves the house without preparations. By preparations I mean the peek-a-boo she has played on a regular basis with her family members and friends has gotten much worse. We’ve always known her to cancel at the last minute on invitations we thought might be fun for both. I think it’s worse, and this time she’s got “the curse of the looming diaper” to scare all of us with. I’m talking about her worrying that she’ll crap her pants while out and about.

I am not in her shoes and I don’t know that I will get there, although it seems a common theme for older people. I think, were I to find myself there, that I would put on a diaper and go. But it’s hard to know.

The eye thing, though, that’s more worrisome. She will lose her license to drive in another two years. That is part of the inevitable kick in the shins that Father Time delivers us over the years. She doesn’t want her husband – my father – waiting on her while she goes about shopping. The last bastion of freedom is waving the white flag of surrender.

It is a much tougher loss to face. One that I take for granted and always have. My freedom to go where and how I want to. I’ve surrendered some of that to the Metropolitan Area Express each day (MAX is Portland’s light rail). I don’t mind, it allows me to knit. I’ll ride buses and trains and avoid driving at any cost, especially in a new location because walking and riding gives me such a window into the place. What if it wasn’t my choice, exactly? Palm Desert public transit isn’t known for it’s commodius nature.

I grew up in California as part of a generation who were marked by their relationship to cars and the feeling that driving where ever we pleased was a birthright. My mother shared in some of that and I think it will color her world for the next two years and prevent her from doing even more stuff that she already does.

My answer to her yesterday was of the pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again sort. Mom, just put on the diaper and go. We never know what will be delivered to us as we age, and have no idea of the time left to us functional or less that. I certainly do not have any of the answers, but I think the best we can do is to live right until the very end of it, in whatever capacity we can.

I had a really fun day today. Spent time with JustJen (no rain this time). Used a couple of gift cards -one for Kathy’s Knit Korner and one for Whole Foods. And I found a little teapot at WFs that has red and green glaze, with dragonflies (I collect art and jewlery with dragonflies on them) and of course it holds tea. 3 of my favorite things in the whole world in one object. I am taking it to work.

A few of my favorite things
Oh and a magazine and a book on order. And lovely smelling bath gel. Gifts I don’t really want to spend money on now. So free is a very good price.

My oldest daughter is off to Hawaii for two weeks. The youngest starts school Monday. I pick Marc up tomorrow.

I spent my three day weekend just as I needed to. Getting my own house in order (cleaning and filing paperwork) and writing out my new years resolutions. They aren’t really resolutions, it’s actually a writing of those things I want more of in my life. Peace, good food, good relationships, exercise. More money certainly couldn’t hurt. I’m a content soul. Don’t need a lot to make me happy. Kind of like today and finding the perfect tea pot. Serendipity in ceramics. You never know what might be out there for you.

It’s been quite a decade. 2010 doesn’t quite pack the punch of 2000 where I stayed up all night worrying about the end of the world. I did manage to change jobs twice, without it being my choice, get divorced and see my first child perch at the end of the nest and fly out.

It’s good stuff. Each step leading me to the next best place. A job I like instead of one I tolerate. My life partner appeared, thank you Marc for 6 wonderful years. Lets work on many more. Knitting reappeared in a big way, as did spinning. A creative outlet for me to enjoy.

My hope for this year is to move to a new level of peace and comfort in my life. To explore my creative abilities to the fullest and to continue being a great mom to my children and a good partner to my sweetheart.

I hope that means a lot less stress and tears about money and the future and plenty more hopefulness.

One can hope.