Last night I left work at 6:00 pm and rode out to the Airport on MAX. Both Wonder Sweetie’s and Oldest girl’s planes arrived on time and uneventfully. The worst part of Christmas is officially over. That being the weather roulette game that is air travel during the holidays. It’s one big gamble based on timing (how close to the holidays?) and airports (NO not connecting in DENVER!!! duh duh dunnnnnnnn). It has absolutely nothing to do with how good your poker face is and everything to do with planning ahead (travel day Dec 16, not 22) and the sheer weight of luck (Connecting flight in Las Vegas or Phoenix with no closed airports anywhere).

After retrieving our baggage we drove back to Cornelius. Where I was promptly pulled over by Hillsboro’s finest for failing to put on my turn signal. Keep in mind it’s 11:30 at night. Well past my bedtime. I’ve been at the airport for 3 hours and I’m exhausted. I didn’t get a ticket but I did use the F word a million times behind closed windows and in the privacy of my own vehicle.

Really dudes, is that the best use of your time? Pulling over grandma aged safe drivers?
There was no one on the road and I was trying to get out of the way of an oncoming emergency vehicle.

I haven’t heard so much no sir and yes sir since I watched that episode of cops where the guy tries to get our of a drug arrest by being polite.

Anyway, we are home and happy for the holidays!