The Christmas spirit arrived in my heart sometime late today. I’d been a bit of a pill for the last week. It seemed like there was never enough alone time for me, which made me a resentful butt head. More than usual thanks for asking!

This week has had some really great news. I get my final crown for the implant on 12/31. A year to the day when I was finally freed to eat my way through Portland with abandon again after 7 years of cutting everything up and chewing carefully.I had enough money in the FSA and a credit at the dentists office to finish up for good.

The insurance company of the gentleman who rearended me let me know that I will receive a check from them for s tidy sum. Enough money to get tires for the Prius and pay for a little bit of Christmas. Welcome news as I thought it would not be a Merry one this year.

The kid flies in on Wednesday as does Marc and then I have Thursday off. And the following Tuesday. Yippee!

A tree (little)and lights (nice) and decorations (cheesy) to follow…