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Twas the night before our early Christmas, where all though the house, not a creature was stirring except me and my elderly blind dog Hoku. She wants to play catch.

The stockings are all hung by the (unused) gas fireplace with care, in hopes that Mom and Marc managed to get to the mall and not kill anyone yesterday.

The children were all nestled snug in their beds, while visions of Forever 21 gift cards danced in their heads. While Marc in his sweats and Mom in her fleece had just settled in for a long winter’s movie.

In the morning downstairs there arose such a clatter, but no one got up to see what was the matter.

The sun was rising as bright as the day, that would help us prepare to send Ellie away. To Hawaii she goes so Christmas comes early, but in Oregon there’s no snow, just rain, which is dreary.

And what to their wondering eyes should appear, but a wonderful brunch, and thank god no reindeer.

On poached eggs! On orange juice! On cranberry scone baker! Now the oven! Now the broiler, Now the french press coffee maker!

Mom spoke not a word but went straight to her work, filled all the plates and turned with a jerk. Family time, ’tis the best part of the season. It’s my favorite perk.

It’s hard to let go of the little ones as they grow. Things change so much, they have other places to go. There are Dad’s in other places whose turn it is now.

So Mom exclaimed as Ellie drove out of sight. Merry Christmas my girl! And have a safe flight!

Last night I left work at 6:00 pm and rode out to the Airport on MAX. Both Wonder Sweetie’s and Oldest girl’s planes arrived on time and uneventfully. The worst part of Christmas is officially over. That being the weather roulette game that is air travel during the holidays. It’s one big gamble based on timing (how close to the holidays?) and airports (NO not connecting in DENVER!!! duh duh dunnnnnnnn). It has absolutely nothing to do with how good your poker face is and everything to do with planning ahead (travel day Dec 16, not 22) and the sheer weight of luck (Connecting flight in Las Vegas or Phoenix with no closed airports anywhere).

After retrieving our baggage we drove back to Cornelius. Where I was promptly pulled over by Hillsboro’s finest for failing to put on my turn signal. Keep in mind it’s 11:30 at night. Well past my bedtime. I’ve been at the airport for 3 hours and I’m exhausted. I didn’t get a ticket but I did use the F word a million times behind closed windows and in the privacy of my own vehicle.

Really dudes, is that the best use of your time? Pulling over grandma aged safe drivers?
There was no one on the road and I was trying to get out of the way of an oncoming emergency vehicle.

I haven’t heard so much no sir and yes sir since I watched that episode of cops where the guy tries to get our of a drug arrest by being polite.

Anyway, we are home and happy for the holidays!

The Christmas spirit arrived in my heart sometime late today. I’d been a bit of a pill for the last week. It seemed like there was never enough alone time for me, which made me a resentful butt head. More than usual thanks for asking!

This week has had some really great news. I get my final crown for the implant on 12/31. A year to the day when I was finally freed to eat my way through Portland with abandon again after 7 years of cutting everything up and chewing carefully.I had enough money in the FSA and a credit at the dentists office to finish up for good.

The insurance company of the gentleman who rearended me let me know that I will receive a check from them for s tidy sum. Enough money to get tires for the Prius and pay for a little bit of Christmas. Welcome news as I thought it would not be a Merry one this year.

The kid flies in on Wednesday as does Marc and then I have Thursday off. And the following Tuesday. Yippee!

A tree (little)and lights (nice) and decorations (cheesy) to follow…

I’ve been knitting furiously over the last few weeks. Have a pair of slippers, socks and a sweater to finish. All while working on the Paper Crane sweater for Knit Purl. I have quite a bit of knit time on the train and some of the projects are on BIG needles so they go very fast. It’s fun, not drudgery. Work, at the same time has been very fun as well as busy. I have a large project to work on that keeps me occupied most of the day.

Not much money for extras this year. Christmas will be interesting to say the least, but I think it will be all right in the end. The kids will be here – but coming and going through the revolving parental custody door. Marc will be here too. we’ll have a nice meal and some good company. I have to work the whole time, different from the last few years. Next year, however, I will have a week off after Christmas.

Happy holidays to everyone. I’ll try not to be such a stranger.