Saturday was the third in a series of fiber weekends. Each of the different. Each of them wonderful. I visited the Keep Portland Weird festival at the central library where I sat with Deb and Melissa. We watched the Pirates play (and sing) all dressed in their piraty finery. Then came the choir, dressed in their Keep Portland Weird finery. The sound was magical and opened up that special choir spot in my heart. The one that melts when I hear singing.

I knit some on the Heroine jacket while Deb and Melissa spun. Lots of kids stopped by to visit. The wheels were such a source of interest.

From there I made a repeat visit to the Grange Hall in Aloha for the NWSRA/Knitters co-op event. I had stopped by in the morning and walked away with some lovely mohair that Stitch Jones had dyed in my favorite autumn colorways. I got to visit with her husband, Jason, who was playing guitar for all of us. He and I had worked together back in the TriVium days.

It was far too busy of a day, but a good one at the end. I fell into bed ready to sleep. The next day was cleaning and baking for me. I took pictures of the scones, but not the French bread. Boy was that bread tasty. It tasted like real bakery bread! I’ll post the pics later.