Its an all fiber, all the time, weekend. I’ve got very few kids related duties and a snoot full of time to pursue things I like. It rocks!

On tap is to visit the Aloha Grange for a fibery get together, followed by a haircut, and then another fibery event at the Central Library downtown. Then I think it’s back to the Grange hall and then over to pick up my groceries.

I’m making good progress on the Toe the Line Shawl although it frustrates me on a pretty regular basis. I have stopped short of the 9 repeats and decided to go for the border.

Heroine jacket has slowed down, although I am most of the way through the left front and just need to kick off the right front and sleeves. Once Toe the Line is done…

The sample knit for Knit Purl is a bear. One very fine strand of Merino and another of Linen. I have Addi lace needles, but still drop the merino and have to go back and pick it up frequently. It’s on size one needles – 11.5 inches of unrelieved stockinette. I’ll make it through, but not the most exciting knit.

Tomorrow I will see my youngest in her play at the high school. So excited!