Why does yarn make me so happy? It’s a mystery. I went to SOAR this weekend. I spun on a Lendrum Saxony. I talked to fiber persons. I got to meet Gord Lendrum. He’s a funny guy, and a real treat to talk to. I smiled so much it made my face hurt. There is something so comforting about squeezing the fiber and the yarns. something to infinitely rewarding about seeing people I know. I even spotted my little yak and merino sample I knit for Susan at Abstract Fiber. It truly was a lovely little thing I spun up.

I’m back at work this week feeling a little happy and a little sad that my adventure in yarn is over for the year. I’ve got to start behaving myself or I’ll be broke. I’m going to try for Madrona next year. Oh, and I signed up for Judth McCuin McKensie’s spinning retreat in the Bay Area. Instead of Sock Camp with Blue Moon. It seems to be where I am being drawn, to spinning my own yarns and trying to make something pretty out of them.

I’ve put myself into the queue for a Lendrum Saxony at Carolina Homespun as well. Seems a little piggy of me, but it’s the determination that’s talking these days, not me. I’d be a quiet little mouse and wait my turn like I normally do. Is there a change in the air? I don’t know.